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I'm glad you're here!

A little about me..

 I'm a lover of adventure, picnics, hikes, travel, dogs (if you're thinking of bringing your dog/s, yes, do it.), I have an enormous sweet tooth, I love a games night and I love a good boogie (so if I'm capturing your reception, you know where to find me).

My background is Greek and we are extremely family orientated, so I understand the importance of photographing all your loved ones. 


I heavily gravitate towards being a documentary style photographer, so I will give you guidance where needed but I like the day to unfold naturally. This approach means I prefer to steer away from super posed photos and instead, genuine laughter and true interactions are what I constantly seek from the day! Give me all those beautiful raw emotions.

Every wedding has a different love story to tell, different family background, different bunch of friends, different vibe. The one thing every wedding has in common is the laughter and smiles and radiating happiness! I will be more than a photographer on the day, I will be a friend who will be with you all day,   capturing your love in so many ways. From the laughter of your friends, the tears of your parents, your grandparents on the dance-floor, the cheeky glances you give each other throughout the day, and all the details you've spent months planning. This will be the love that I will capture and it will be all yours.


I look forward to hearing more about you!




“You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

 - Dr Seuss

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